M. J. Brudenell

Writer, Martial Artist, and all around regular guy. Come join me on an adventure!

kick your business into overdrive!

"How do I do that?", you may ask. It's a perfectly reasonable question. Before I answer I'd like to first make sure we've been introduced.

My name's Mike. It's nice to meet you. 

After you've finished reading here, you can see a more detailed description of me on my About page.

Now on to your question.

As we know, social media is here to stay. Whether it's Facebook or Twitter--Instagram or Periscope, a strategic social media presence is paramount.

As luck would have it I'm a copywriter and social media expert.

I specialize in the personal fitness and martial arts industry because of the strength and dedication I know people in these industries possess.

Strength, wielded correctly, will help you down long roads. It will push you through the gut-wrenching sprints.

Dedication is the fabric to give strength what it needs to survive. To persist is to succeed. Failure is when you quit trying.

So strength and dedication are building blocks to success.

Plus, with my 30 year background in martial arts, it's a lot of fun.

 Martial arts are my passion, but my background in residential construction, real estate, business, finance, and the mortgage industry gives me an extremely wide range of experience to help any project, business, or organization succeed.

Being a business owner myself, I know how much you've invested. Not just money, but your most important asset.