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**Sunday Fun-Day**

Sunday's are for fun. At least for me. Sunday is the day that I usually have the least responsibility.

(A quick caveat. Not today though. Today I need to do a lot of cleaning and work on publishing tasks.)

But, most Sunday's are blow off days.

For today's "Sunday Fun-Day" I'm going to share a new Capoeira video I found. This is a music video featuring Capoeira music by Gregor Salto, featuring Curio Capoeira. The song is from traditional Capoeira music, but is remixed for a more dance beat, as opposed to the traditional-call and response-style you would see performed for a Capoeira Roda. This seems to be for a more general audience appeal.

Even though I'm not actively training at the moment, Capoeira will always be one of my favorite physical activities. Challenging and fun, playing in the roda is the expression of Capoeira training in a controlled environment. It's like sparring, but so much more.

This video has a very high production value. It's also just a lot of FUN!