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**What Are You Reading Wednesday**

This week is not really reading for me, per se. It's listening.

In addition to being a writer, I operate two freelance careers. I'm a carpenter and a mobile notary public. For the notary business I drive. A lot! While driving I listen to podcasts, audio books, and audio dramas.

There is a lot of rich material for me to give recommendations in this department. I've discovered some really cool projects, and have specific preferences in the type of storytelling I like in this medium. 

I like full cast productions, or a very talented narrator doing the voices.

Because of the full cast aspect, I also like audio dramas quite a bit.

Currently, I am listening to the "Locke and Key" audio drama, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

All I can say is AMAZING!

This is a very dark story, so be aware of what you're getting in to.

Fantastic production and brilliant execution of performances.

--Do you have a favorite audio book or audio drama?--

--What style do you like the best?--