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People Have Actually Subscribed To My Blog

I was just here updating a page, and with Squarespace's new platform I could see my metrics in a new way.

The one astonishing thing I found is that three people actually subscribe to me on a feed catcher.

Feedly is the top one.

This is fucking awesome. I know I have six subscribers to my newsletter. Okay, maybe five, since my mother does not count. At least not as bona fide subscribers. I mean she is kind of obligated, right? I also have people specifically following my blog.

I guess I should say something here once in a while.

Don't get me wrong. I have six subscribers to my newsletter. And yet, I have not sent one newsletter out. At least I have a number of blog posts. If not consistent, there is definitely more than none. (I know, it's a really hard bar to get over, right? More than none?)

Okay, that settles it. You convinced me. I will post here more often. If you don't all shut up I may have to send out a newsletter, telling you what I am up to, and what is on it's way.